Amy Schumer “owes no explanation” for her appearance.

The writer and comedian, who has been doing press ahead of the Season 2 premiere of her Hulu comedy, “Life & Beth, 

Took to social media Thursday to address recent comments about her face and used the opportunity to give more visibility to endometriosis, 

A condition in which tissue that resembles cells found in the lining of a uterus grows outside of the organ 

Amy Schumer has found herself at the center of a recent storm surrounding comments about her appearance 

Amy Schumer hits back at trolls decided to address the issue on social media, taking the opportunity to shed light on a significant health concern. 

Schumer acknowledged the discussions about her face, stating, Amy Schumer hits back at trolls  

Amy Schumer hits back at trolls shared the intense experience on Instagram.  

Schumer’s openness aims to raise awareness about the condition, its painful nature, and the impact on women’s lives. 

Her followers and fellow actresses applauded her for taking a stand against negativity, highlighting the importance of self-love. 

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