Alanis Morissette rocks Austin City Limits with her debut performance, featuring hits from Jagged Little Pill.

Experience the raw intensity of Morissette's rendition of "You Oughta Know" after almost 30 years.

Morissette's electrifying stage presence brings new life to the iconic track's pointed lyrics.

Don't miss Morissette's passionate delivery, showcasing her unwavering talent and emotion.

Catch Morissette's long-awaited appearance on Austin City Limits premiering February 17th on PBS.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Austin City Limits with Morissette's memorable debut.

Join the jubilation as Austin City Limits commemorates five decades of legendary performances.

Relive the magic of Morissette's historic performance alongside Austin City Limits' milestone year.

Dive into the rich history of Austin City Limits with exclusive archival content and live concerts.

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