At 45, a recent divorcee explores newfound passions in threesomes and same-sex attractions post-marriage.

In August 2022, after 17 long years, a marriage ends, leading to a journey of self-discovery and freedom. 

The first step into dating anew: experimenting with Tinder, embracing the excitement of dating and casual flings. 

Challenges of modern dating: the frustration with shallow interactions, sexting, and the ghosting culture. 

A chance meeting with a vibrant young woman in London opens the door to the world of Feeld and its possibilities. 

Feeld, unlike traditional dating apps, offers a diverse range of identities and sexual preferences to explore. 

Embracing sexual openness, Feeld challenges societal norms and taboos around sex and kinks. 

Adapting to the unique anonymity of Feeld, where users often share body photos and initials instead of full identities. 

The contrast in dating experiences: Feeld's focus on specific kinks versus the general approach of other apps. 

Post-divorce life transformation: embracing new sexual experiences and identities through the world of Feeld.